We’ve been following an Amsterdam food guide on Instagram and our attention got drawn to a certain place, known for its tasty bowls and cute decoration: Pluk. It was in fact that famous that we had to wait to get seated. However, we don’t regret anything, our first breakfast was delicious and a great start into our day.

I’ve known since we booked our trip to Amsterdam that I wanted to get a tattoo there. I also knew that it should be written in Dutch because I love the language and I wanted to have a very personal memory and connection to Amsterdam that I couldn’t a) loose and b) forget over time. Therefore, we went to two tattoo studios I found online and I got it at “The Preacher’s Son”. It only took around five minutes since it is very small but I’m very happy about how it turned out.

Later that day we met Celina’s friend who she met during her language exchange in Toronto. He lives in Utrecht and came to see us. I was very excited because my friend told me a lot about him and he was a very fresh guy with the same sense of humor. We walked around Amsterdam and ate fairly much.

In the evening Celina and I went to the “Anne Frank House” but I sadly can’t find a picture of the building. (You are not allowed to take pictures inside.) It was as shocking as impressive and I would recommend to anyone who’s interested in history to go there and even if it isn’t your subject you will not regret to stop by.

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