On Thursday we passed our day in Rotterdam, a rather modern city compared to Amsterdam. We were really happy to find out that they have a "Five Guys" since we don't have that in Switzerland and we both missed it from our language exchanges. We also went on a low-key shopping trip before walking around to discover the amazing street art Rotterdam had to offer.

Luckily the weather was nice so walking along the port was very refreshing and we took some pictures as well as you can see down below. We were just chilling in a nice huge park when we spontaneously decided to go to Brussels the following day. We had been texting with our Danish friends, who we really missed, and they delayed their trip to their next destination to be able to pass the day with us.

It is important to notice that we'd also bought an entrance to the club "Air" in advance. That being said we also went out until 3a.m, showered, were lying in the bed by 4a.m and had to get up at 5a.m.

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