Final day

Sadly we already arrived at the last day of our outstanding trip. Therefore we had to treat ourselves with an amazing breakfast. We went to "Ree7", another place we found on Instagram. This was once more a restaurant so popular we had to wait to get seated. It paid off though; as you can see on the picture. This was a 10/10 meal.

These two girls you see down below are very important to me. On the left you can see my Internet best friend I met around 2014. She's from Germany and I got to know here when I was 13 and she was 15. By coincidence she arrived in the Netherlands exactly one day before I left and decided to come see me before I had to return. On the right you see Celina, my best friend you all know and love and who accompanied me to Amsterdam. You can't imagine how epic it is for me to get a picture with both of them since this scenario is so unrealistic because she lives far away.

However, Lara wasn't the only one who came to see me; her boyfriend Daan came as well. He's an online gaming friend of me as well, living in the Netherlands and Lara and him actually got together after I introduced them to each other. They have been in a long-distance realtionship for over 3 years now.

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